About Us

Beyond Balance is the US based nutritional supplement company that produces the herbal formulas developed by Susan McCamish, used by practitioners with their patients. Susan is a Certified Traditional Naturopath, Nutritional Consultant, and Herbalist with a well-deserved reputation.

Susan has researched and developed natural products that support the body in dealing with complex health issues for over 25 years. Her products include upwards of 40 high quality formulas.

We select our manufacturers with the utmost care, verifying their practices and their integrity. All products are produced in GMP compliant facilities and employ the highest standards of testing all ingredients for quality and purity.

It is the intent of Beyond Balance to support health care practitioners with professional grade, cutting-edge herbal extracts, thereby assisting their patients on their road to achieving health. We pride ourselves in our personalized interest and service to all of our clients.